Welcome to Celebrative Art.

To celebrate and to honor the death of a loved one, family members would want to offer memorials and keepsake jewelry. As a gift to honor the life and death of the person, many are in search of unique and creatively designed memorials and jewelry.

At Celebrative Heart, we take pride in the kind of work that we offer to our clients. We provide a handcrafted cremation jewelry based on the specific design details that you provide. We know how important it is to have a special offering to a loved one. In every customized memorial and keepsake jewelry that we make, we always make sure that our clients have a unique design. Depending on your preference, we can create any memorial keepsake. For instance, we can take a certain amount of cremation ashes and place them in layers of pure glass. You may also want to add other design details. What we guarantee you is that every keepsake is unique. Did you know you can also use a gunsafe to keep your jewelry safe.

Our elegant memorial products are completely unique. Because each one has been created individually by the artist, no two are exactly alike. You will not find these products on any other websites, as this collection has been designed exclusively for the clients of Celebrative Art.

Our Products

Our products are not only functional, but they are exceptional pieces of quality art. All the hand crafted art is made in the USA and Canada.

Many of our sterling pieces are made by hand, by a team that used to decorate knifes before (to check their work take a look at these fixed hunting knife reviews) Our goal is to help our clients treasure the memory of their loved ones and pets in a visible way that is tasteful, personal and beautiful.

Celebrative Hearts offers an extensive collection of different products from urns to keepsake jewelry. In giving a special offering and in honoring the death of a loved one, we value the importance of being able to provide the kind of memorial keepsake that our clients want to have.

Browse through our pre-designed collection and choose which specific memorial keepsake suits your budget as well as preference. We also encourage customized ideas. So, if you want the memorial keepsake to be unique, you can just provide the specific details. Our designers are highly skilled in creating a kind of work that is based on our client’s requirements.

Pacific Urns


To celebrate the happy moments and the life of a loved one who already passed away, family members would want to personalize the urns. Depending on your choice, you can definitely customize your own urn. Celebrative Heart is home to some of the best Pacific urns that you can find. You can just easily browse the site for the different designs that suit your taste.

We want you to have a unique and well-crafted urn for your loved one. Our site has different product categories from adult,child,keepsake to double urns. Each type of urn is specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. On top of that, we also offer you various themes whereby you can shop based on the theme you are looking for. From angel cremation, religious, tear drop to book cremation urns, we have a wide range of product collection available.

At Celebrative Heart, we can only guarantee you of the best quality materials that we use in creating our products. For years, we have been specializing in creating our own designs as well as encouraging our clients to personalize or customize the product. You can choose among the different materials that we use like brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and a whole lot more. Create something unique. You can just provide the design details and we can make the kind of urn depending on your specifications.